Creative Strategy and The Business of Design by Douglas Davis

It’s a great book. Every designer/creative should have Creative Strategy and The Business of Design as a cornerstone in their reference library. I’m also thinking, how I can get this into my client’s hands as well because they feel I ask too many questions. But after clearly, I’m not asking enough. While reading it I begun highlighting and adding post-its all over the book but then had to stop because it got too thick with post-its and all the highlighting just made the book glow (slight exaggeration). Basically, I realized this is a book worth re-reading and slowly assimilating over time.

As a graphic designer, Creative Strategy and The Business of Design, explains the big WHY we do what we do. It gives us the language and tools to bridge the gap between the “pretty pictures” and long-term client relationships which equals financial success for all. It gives design direction and purpose to the visuals of design. Think the Why Merovingian scene and Agent Smiths Purpose scene in the Matrix.

This is a great book because it’s concise without lacking, thorough and to the point, and an easy read that I’ll be referencing again and again.

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