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Jamaica, West Indies via New York Public Library

Public Domain images of African Americans, Free to Download and Reuse

The New York Public Library has digitized and made available in the public domain, for free, more than 187,000 images. As a graphic designer, I’m not one to shy away from free resources and finding historic images of African-Americans is usually problematic and difficult at best. Plus, if you’re seeking images outside of the USA they got you covered as you can see below. Within their database, using targeted keywords you can find historic images to keep you busy or idle for hours. Thanks to NYPL.


Marcus Garvey via New York Public Library
Marcus Mosiah Garvey


Jamaica, West Indies via New York Public Library
Map of the Island of Jamaica


A short Sunday Sermon via New York Public Library
A short Sunday Sermon from the Plantation Sketches


Sunnyside Beach, Toronto via New York Public Library
Sunnyside Beach, Toronto from the Canada (First & Second Series) Collection


Via The Atlantic


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