Why Hire a Professional Graphic Designer

Why Hire a Professional Graphic Designer?

Why should you hire a professional graphic designer in this do-it-yourself world? You’re thinking I have the tools, Adobe Illustrator or it’s equivalent, I’ve seen all the YouTube tutorials, I have this free pretty font, and my favorite animal is already a MS Word clip art… so why, you ask yourself, would you hire a professional graphic designer?

First thing’s first, what does a graphic designer do? In short, a graphic designer is one who has the artistic sensibility, skill, and experience to create designs for visual communication.

After extracting the information, deciphering the brief and distilling the message, a large part of my work involves client education. When presenting a layout or draft I will delve into why a specific font was selected for that particular project and why these colors better convey the message to their target audience, etc. There’s a subtle and not so subtle psychology that a professional graphic designer knows and understands.

As part of their genetic makeup, most professional graphic designers are passionate, to some degree or another, to the pixel-pica-minutia and the big picture at the same time. Like any artist, yes we’re graphic artists, we obsess over kerning, line height and the proper contrast while being rightly annoyed with widows and orphans. But most people sometimes confuse artists as graphic designers. I once had a client come to me with a “logo” created by an artist. The client was very confused as to why his logo looked more like… a work of art and not a logo, which conveys a very specific, targeted message.

A professional graphic designer has the artistic sensibility, skill and necessary technical know-how that a layperson may not possess. Hiring a designer with the skills and expertise is a smart investment for your business and is a sure way to guarantee a professional and successful image. You’re in business because you do what you do very well and that is where you should focus your energy. In short you’re paying for what you don’t know you don’t know. I’m sure you’re smart enough and have the years it takes to figure out this graphic design stuff but unless you want to be a graphic designer I say invest your time and money in hiring a professional graphic designer. It’s worth it.

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